Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is a serious place. It’s the Queen’s house. The cover of this brochure says it all. You’re a guest at her house. I love the illustration of the grounds. It’s very classy. The text is informative. There are no flashy folios here. I really like the clean design.


Westminster Abbey

There is a lot going on in Westminster Abbey. I went to London a few years ago and I had no idea how big it was or how much history (and dead people) were inside. It is huge and this little guide was definitely helpful. The design is simple and fitting to the tourist attraction without being tacky.

Tube Map

The London Tube can be very intimidating especially for tourists. This handy little guide got much use out of me. The small design is packed with everything you need and is easy to understand.

Stonehenge Visitor’s Guide

The Stonehenge Guide is very well done. It successfully incorporates historical information with a breakdown of the parts of Stonehenge. It is easy to look at when you are visiting. The icon in the upper right corner indicates which part of the site is discussed on the page. The photos are great as well as the information graphics.


Playbill is a publication featured at every major play. It is the program of the play. I have a few of these and the design stays the dame. The masthead is iconic. I like the bold type and bold yellow. The inside is simple and in black and white with the exception of ads. It features some odd typography and boring 2 column design.

London City Guide

This is probably the most boring city guide I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure why the cover is so serious looking. The design inside is odd. There are colored stripes going down each page which makes it look like a printing press error. I don’t get it and I don’t think I even looked at it while in London.

Brookfield Zoo Annual Report


I am not a big fan of Annual Report design but the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen comes from the Brookfield Zoo. The incorporation of amazing animal photography makes for a very impressive book. The information graphics are nice also. I like the monochromatic graphs. Very pretty.