Brookfield Zoo map

I’ve lived next to the Brookfield Zoo most of my life and my dream job would be to be the graphic designer there. Until then I can admire the work of the current one. I’ve been to a lot of zoos and the Brookfield Zoo map is my favorite. There is a lot of info to squeeze on one brochure but it is done well. The hardest to design would be the map. It sucessfully shows where the animals are with pictures. Another important feature is where to eat which has it’s own area on the back. The color usage is great and the photography is even better.


Fitness Magazine

Fitness Magazine has stiff competition with Self and Shape magazines. This lesser known workout mag has a simple and colorful design. They even found a way to make an article on deodorant interesting with a dark background and slanted columns.

Package Design

Package Design is the best package design magazine. I like the masthead with the text half reversed out. The layout is simple but good at breaking down the details of graphic design on a package and makes it interesting.

Brand Packaging magazine

Brand Packaging is a little magazine about packaging design. The masthead is an odd design. I don’t understand why the “A” is an arrow. The table of contents is very simple with few features and articles to call out. The feature about Kraft has a great title playing off the graphic design of Kraft. The test layout is averages but the images put into the article make it interesting.


GD USA magazine is a very cool graphic design magazine. I get excited when I get new issues. The masthead is simple and so is the text layout on the cover. I really like the table of contents with the photos on one side, and the information on the opposite. The typography is clean. The interior layouts are simple and highlights the designs discussed inside.

Everyday Food

Everyday Food magazine is from Martha Stewart as you can see by her picture shoved poorly onto the masthead. The size of this magazine is great. It’s space saving. It doesn’t take up too much room on the counter. The photos are great. The features like “How-To” are fun and interesting. The design is simple and helps you stay calm in the kitchen while trying to be Martha Stewart.

Food Network Magazine

Food Network magazine has a fun design. The masthead is great and it changes color monthly. The background of the cover is always white which highlights the photos of the food. The design is simple and inviting, not intimidating. My favorite unique feature is the Recipe Index.  This pull-out section is in every issue and makes the recipes easy and fast to find. The table of contents is fun with it’s use of food images. I like the “What You’ll Need” feature. The layout has a photo of all the ingredients you need, measured out.